Many Ways

Gestos by Pedro Strukelj ©
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Bruise me with a gallon
Tell me that I'm doing it all wrong
Cause yes I get the message
My piece your puzle

So who can say it better
Who can say what only a few dream
It's so pretty I could bury the doubts
That keep us talking

There are

Many ways to listen
I've got mine
Many ways to falter
I've got mine

You're just dull enough to sever
I forgot you were the daughter of Einstein
I've been ready for my lesson
Will the reain then follow?

There's dust over the beauty
There's rust along the hinges that might be
So when you say, "so where have you been?"
Only my reasons fall short

Only way you wonder
You could tell the right way
To go
It's a once in a while
It's a worry you bid me to welcome
Heaven you need
Two worlds
You'll see you're time is going.

Gestos by Pedro Strukelj ©