Never There

Gestos by Pedro Strukelj ©
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Hey you come here I've got some things to tell you
About my life that I want you to know
And you can learn these things that i've learned
But I'll never learn

Those things you do, you did, you've done
You've won this time but love never lasts
When you're hiding me in your past

I can't say that I'm sorry
I can't say that I care
I can't believe I was never there

Sorry, I'll be you'll be for me
You'll see why I'm never around to be found
And why I'm never coming back
Well, you're six feet under, hey I'm only three
I'm on my way down, you will see
And when i get there we'll walk together
We'll walk together through time
Well time is fine
I don't have the time to walk these lines
that i crossed to get here
I crossed the line to get here


You're afraid, you're scared, you're wearing down
You gave the whole world the run around
And it ran around you
But it's times like these when we look back and we wonder why
We drank and we smoked and we drank and used coke
Well we never found out why, but we were too afraid to ask


Gestos by Pedro Strukelj ©

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