Gestos by Pedro Strukelj ©
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Two days ago I found his number written on a card
and I started to remember my life on sparrows yard
under a flag of freedom of love and anarchy
but all these god old memories won't bring the past to me
he played in a band he never got out of breath
he missed no crazy things his life was like his death
we could not believe why didn't he come back
a preacher spoke of love and hope we all were dressed in black

Was it the day the sparrows flew away
was it the day we flew away
was it the day the sparrows flew away
was it the day we had to pay

A girl was going out with one of our floor
until she felt in love with Rob who smoked next door
times were getting harder I stood between the lines
the wheel of time was turning we didn't recognize
from this day on our common room got quite
no more peace of laughter were roaring through the night
a tear could have been love a smile could have been hate
we were sitting on our rooms to wait on our fate


The millers were here had a few crates of beer
none of blythe power used our shower
a citizen fish smoked a few spliffes
then the letter was short by the land lord no...


Gestos by Pedro Strukelj ©