There And Everywhere

Gestos by Pedro Strukelj ©
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built a wall, I smashed the bridges to the past
I burned like a Phoenix, and I changed the cast
sometimes I cry and sometimes I smile
to quench this fire I will need a little while
I set the clock to seize the rest of the day
my legs are still weak, no I can't go your way
this water of life is not what it seems
but I can get some hours sleep without this dreams

'Cause even the seawind brings to me your golden hair
I see your beauty in all the birds up in the air
I kissed your lips in every single short affair
you are everywhere, even in my prayer
...and the old man doesn't care

I want to be a piece of chocolate everyday
I could be by your side, until you gave me away
even if you eat me I could feel your lips again
your lips your kisses were like the summer rain
sit down, have a break and listen to these rhymes
I thought of you when I wrote down these lines
I forgot about so many things that I once knew
But I will never, never, never forgot you

'Cause even the seawind...

Gestos by Pedro Strukelj ©