We Belong to the Sea

Gestos by Pedro Strukelj © SoloLetrasDeCanciones.com
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Did I miss you somewhere
In my shadows, in your dark place?
'Cause we're lost in some world
Clothed in nothing, and the buildings busting

And we're spilling out into the street
And we're stuck there frozen
Packed in bottles, left there idle
And I'm trying hard to stay asleep

And it's all because we belong to the sea
Where we never mention
How this came to be

And the storm waits outside
And he lives to haunt you
'Cause he walks like I do
And he wants to know where you sleep

But around the corner
The bricks are shifting
So I keep from blinking
And every day it repeats
It's repeated like these conversations

Gestos by Pedro Strukelj © SoloLetrasDeCanciones.com