21 Days

Gestos by Pedro Strukelj © SoloLetrasDeCanciones.com
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Oh no, enough is said,
Dumb words inside my head.
Run down the corridor
And turn around once more.
Lie down in the open grass,
Walk thru the overpass.
Still feel i'm not so scared,
I wrote it down somewhere.
When the sun on your shoulders
Says, you're wrong.
Send back the semaphore,
Kick in the open door.
Left all my roped behind,
Your sugar's on my mind.
Go down inside of me,
There's still a part that sees
The first time,
You've opened up my eyes.
Completely self absorbed,
What are we waiting for.
Ferociously, you never know just why.

Gestos by Pedro Strukelj © SoloLetrasDeCanciones.com

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