Gestos by Pedro Strukelj ©
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300 years ago
The Dutch arrived
To my Little town,
They’ve stolen me
From my kind
The name of the biggest one
Was Pieter Nuyts.

He raped me every night since,
Treated me like an animal,
‘Told me about his wife,
He said she was not
Free as I,
All his family were living
In the lowlands

So, I got used to him
And ‘taught him
Some Chinese,
He used to grab my hair in bed
In the sweetest way
I’ve ever seen,
So, I fell for him,
So did he…

I was only 16,
I was supposed to marry a guy
My family agreed on,
He was such an honest one,
But when they captured me
No one claim my freedom,
No one…

Pieter had a son
Who came visit him
From Japan,
And he played guitar with me,
‘showed me some ballads
Of the western countries
And cried.

We became good friends,
And ‘gave me golden jewelry,
And one night before
The winter came
They ‘got into the fortress
And they’ve killed 60 soldiers
And ‘captured 20 more,

We were sleeping in the inner rooms,
My heart’s drummer
Was performing
Into his ear,
Only for him,
Only for him

And then the morning came
And they’ve told him
Hey they have your son.

We will bring him
To the emperor
Of the rising sun

And he will decide
If he saves his life
If he saves his life or
These are the last suns,

And he died,
Later he died,
Into the prison
They’ve killed him,

So, he grabbed my arm
And under a waterfall
A priest married us
And later we had a son….

Oloro el fum dels temples
Mentre camino per Taiwan
I intento entendre
Com tornar-me un fragment de Tao.

El viatge més llunyà
Comença amb un simple pas,
Si no veus la muntanya
És que estàs a la muntanya atrapat.

Algun dia les coses
Si primer no canvio jo?

Qui dirà
Allò que vull sentir
Si primer no
Parlo jo?

I was reading the news
And I’ve found something weird,
They said there’s a mansion
In the Pyrinees,
That a Golden witch
Had a Golden son,
She was horney
And he got laid,
I wish I wasn’t born here
With this nationality,
I wish a wolf could replace me,
But I’ve smoked all alone,
Under the moon shines,
It wasn’t just another night, no,
It was New Year’s Eve
And I was disconnected,
Drinking the bears craft beer,
It feels so good
To be alone in the wild
When you are in love with you,
When you love to love yourself,
It feels good to be alone,
Everyone has its own nightmares,
Tryin’ to find a murder for them,
It feels good to be alone,
Alone in the wild,
Alone in the wild,
In the wild,
In the wild,

I què hi veus?
No res, un fum.

I don’t know why,
Why ‘u send me out?

First I hated love, yeah,
Then I hated men, yeah,
Let it be power I said
So, let’s hate power,
And later the government.

We should rise
We should rise up
Even if we don’t know the way,
I’m so tired and I don’t understand,
Money kills the ideas of men,
Why do we play their game?
Why do we play their game?
Why do you want to be one of them?

She went to a new country
Looking for love,
Too many fights on her back,
She ‘bought a ticket
And ‘packed her stuff
And flew to the light,
That is how
I’ve met her,
I was lost too...

So we got drunk
And ‘made love,
If I’d knew
She would be
That hot
I wouldn’t ‘let her scape,
The morning after
And everyone
Has to play
its role.

So now
I’m looking for her,
Everywhere I go
And I know one day,
She’ll walk by my side
And I’ll tell her: dear
You won’t be alone again.

Some nights
I dream she is hear
And I tell hey dear
I will provide for you
And you will provide for me.

Autor(es): Pere Vilanova

Gestos by Pedro Strukelj ©

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